Encased in a shroud of gold

Torrents flow faster as follies mold

Earth underneath feet erodes

Fall deeper in clinging folds

Wandering eye aims to expose

False idol's lies should dispose

Struck down whilst out of robes

Peering in on final throws

Sun comes shining I'm sitting at the table

Sick from all the motion wondering how we got it wrong

Headline suffers from straining prose

Reconciled with where it goes

Leaving sweets for starving foes

Bitter blame as horror grows

Slumping body in ruffled clothes

Bloodied trail from shattered nose

Throngs who come upon with stones

Follow through to crush the bones

Jacked up on adrenaline pissed at all the cynicism

If we could feel the friction then why did we fall

She on platform cannot hide

Books and torch now cast aside

Those forgotten have turned tide

All for an angry man's pride

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