Each word off your lips a life changing kiss

Views into times not lived but already missed

Entertain the possibility of taking the risk

Realize I'm too frightened step back into mist

You're a painting whose strokes were yielded by gods

Their brushes holding perfection moving in careful direction

Hues crashing onto canvas swirl, create the facade

In and out of the universe, sounds of applause

Nearly knock me off my guard again your pedestal is falling in

Getting held up on the symbolism, word of advice says

Earning respect is as simple as giving into the

Voice that cries love as the outside comes crashing in

Erratic conversation in the coffee line as a

Recluse strains to find shelter from his own mind

Yesterday the sun left a shine to my skin but

Today the rain pounds on my rooftop again

Hope springs for no man who is trapped in winter

Isolated trying to make trees out of splinters

Neatly pressed shirts no signs of stains

Getting used to the feel and the flow of the grain

Emphatically embracing the concept of normality

Void of my wants in the visions you had

Entire days have been dedicated, my thoughts now

Regulated, I've become elated, more concentrated

Yelling at the top of the lungs I fabricated

Talking in the slang I once hated

Hinder and hold, sooth and scold,

Injure the portrait you drew, until there's

No sign of the lines of the page, only a

Good night to you

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