Half Enough

The jury used common sense, the trial ended but the

Lawmen couldn't keep all the monsters in

Details came out in the media coverage

Vilified the mis-tried on fake witnesses' suffrage

Elements of a smear job, bob weave and duck, the

Right hook still lands although the charges ain't stuck

A new beginning, innocence proved, but with a

Rook two steps from the queen seems the table was moved

The direction pulls while they push from sidelines

Misconception of guilt based on lack of preparation

The goose was cooked by the time it was plucked but they

Fry until its dried up and blackened how they like

Hard times for all, water crawls down the wall, rain falling

Faster than the case when there's half enough to call it

Justice, but the fact that they tried still renders a

Paycheck, not yet though, the chalkline is still

Fresh on the pavement and with the money spent they

Need a body to fill and the congregation on

The courthouse steps looks promising

Defense was exacerbated so we lacerated it with

Hard facts, posting latex truths spread on cork under

Thumb tacks, shown to the court for the sport of

Argument arming them with the confidence to believe lies

Congregated baited the agents they procreated

We figured on checkmating couldn't wait was so

Elated it's amazing how hated by the jaded they

Were swayed by the plays we made

Give them credit for the loyalty while we played pawns

As royalty the strategy got taken by the god damn truth

Loose lips gave them the tip they needed soon as the

Man was bleeding they sowed up the wound and we motion defeated

But on the stools across the road from the stage

We discuss the vital flaws in our plan

One loss in the bag, first rounds on me,

Thank god they didn't convict an innocent right? Bottoms up

These are lyrics written for a previous project that remain unused

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