Knowledge pt. 1

Got an attitude problem but he'll never solve it

Answer is to evolve his thoughts, how could he know that

His time as a child was guesswork despite

Trying to soak it in, remains dry and dumb

Innocence has nothing to do with it, his brain

Lacks the capacity to filter it and mold it into

Bricks of common sense, a foundation of words

So he can litter these briefings with musings and

Feelings, things he can't deal with, the ceiling

Sits on walls of onion peelings, a reel to real

Process of turning fiction into action

Reactions from the teacher show he got a new believer,

Didn't know he'd need her but she's a senior reliever, so he's

In good hands

It's all a play learn the role know your lines

If you receive any ovations you're doing fine

Screw the audience, they want charlatans, but we

Aren't them, we're ordinary men who have

Put the work in spite of the obvious

Roll your sleeves up, don't ease, keep up

Leave the ball at home or key up

Full cups for the bull mutts, strong hands and tough gut

Gluttons for punishment, side two page one

So put your pen to the pad, subtract and

Add, and keep searching for the sum,

You're on your own now

You're on your own now

These were unused lyrics for a previous project

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