Knowledge pt. 2

Boy don’t you know you’re surrounded by wealth?

Its as if your ear drums have decided on stealth

Put your head phones on this is good for your health

Listen to the sound of the blues and melt into

The grooves of the vinyl you deserted to a shelf

A generation ago this is how the people felt and

Moved themselves past their cages by putting

Notes on pages delivered by sages interpreted by

Those of us who needed their saving, to give

Titles to the nameless, they gave the blueprint like

Between the intervals they were conscious, godlike

Whirling melodies with rhythmic slight of hand

Only just enough for us mortals to digest while they

Shed themselves of breath on the bandstand

All thats left are wave lengths to provide us

Strength in our struggle to maintain the left side

Fame is fleeting but when the world starts bleeding and

Needing a bandaid they bring out the cassette tape

Now notate, this place is for your phrase apply

Your taste, don’t chase, set the pace and never hesitate

Let the wax spin turning sound waves into

Adrenalin gets the blood pumping while the band is

Jumping your brain is humming soul drops its

Guard and the ghosts materialize

Rolled back eyes, needles cut lines, fingers flying

Inhibitions denied, trade dirt for sky, body is a confine so

You let the horn cry

These were unused lyrics for a previous project

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