Loans On Love

Told you once, told you twice

You chose not to take advice from me

Told you three times, thought you'd learn

You can't change the direction that we turn

By running in place, the world can't keep pace

You lean to speak but hesitate, guess the time wasn't right

It's hard to see you in any other light

Than the one that hangs above your bed

Although this diner may be brighter

Makes it easier to hide behind your

Sense of righteous sympathy

Sarcasm seemed like your domain

With each joke your interest wains for me

The mask you have looks awful tight

Trick is that you wear it right

I can see your hair, tells me that you're under there

Try to say your face is bare but I swear there are strings

It's hard to see you in any other life

Than the one I pictured in my head

Though I still witness it in images and quoted lines

Feels empty when it isn't you and me

But I keep holding on

Waiting by my phone

Taking loans on love when its overdrawn

And yeah I know you're gone

Doesn't mean I've figured out how to be alone

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