Strength Of A Man

Stepped into the office soaked from the rain

Gave the coroner his last name

Said there's somebody I'm here to claim

With the blanket removed he was proven right

From the few features he had heard described

And memories of when his father was still alive

Dad was hurt on the job when he was twenty two

Doctors patched him up as best they knew

But the pain on his side they never could subdue

Gave him a script to get through the day

Though his hand couldn't grip in the same way

Numbed up and foggy he was sent along his way

When the hurt was heavy the pills were there

To hold him over and though slightly impaired

As long as he kept his head down nobody cared

But the job got harder the dose got bigger

They could deal with the sins but not with the sinner

Boss gave him some phony line out the door

Told him don't worry son you're still a winner

As the bills piled higher he’d meet them up there

But the doc was expensive so he switched to the mare

Rode that pony on his longest nights, faith dissipating in the air

Bounced around town but no matter where he'd go

Hold down a job about a week or so

Besides, anything he made was spent trying to get him to feel whole

So he left his family saying he'd be back

As soon as he got their finances on track

Headed off with his clothes stuffed in a sack

Kept their eyes on the road waiting for his reply

But the help that he promised never would arrive

Family moved on and left their hope behind

Strength of a man judged not by what his mind could be

But only by what his body can give to the company

Had the will to make it home but ended up dying alone

As the suffering broken pieces of another unknown

Few possessions he had were held in a bag

Given to his son who took one last glance

At the body that left a soul without a chance

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